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The Economist places Estonia on top position in its alcohol sale top list

BC, Tallinn, 21.01.2013.Print version
The pocket boom "Pocket World in Figures 2013", issued by the Economist, indicates that more alcohol is sold in Estonia per capita than in any other state in the world, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

In Estonia, 118.4 litres of alcohol per capita is sold, giving it the top position in the world. Finland and Germany share the second and third positions with 99.5 litres and Australia comes next with 99.4 litres.


The pocket book indicates also that in 2010, 86.3 litres of beer per capita was sold in Estonia, which also gives us the top position. Estonia is not among the top 22 wine-consuming countries though.


The other Baltic states love alcoholic beverages less: in Lithuania 87.4 litres and in Latvia 71.9 litres per capita is sold a year.


The Economist's pocket book doesn’t cite the methodology and sources meaning that most likely the figures include alcohol that foreigners have bought in Estonia, Public Broadcasting states.

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