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In 50 years number of people living in Estonia will be by a sixth lower

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 28.08.2008.Print version
A recently published survey by Eurostat indicates that in 50 years the number of people living in Estonia will be by nearly a sixth lower than at the moment, writes the National Broadcasting.

Estonian experts in demographics estimate, however, that the projection in the survey might be too optimistic, reports LETA.


While it is estimated that until the year 2015 the population of the European Union will continue increasing, Estonia has no such hope – the birth rate that became negative in 1991 will decrease Estonia’s population by 15% by the year 2060.


Demographist Kaljo Laas estimates, however, that this prognosis is a rather optimistic one. “Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict in our current projections, how high could be the number of people to emigrate from Estonia in the coming years and even now we do not know, how many of our young people live abroad and how many of them will stay there and how many will come back,” he stated.


Immigration numbers are equally difficult to estimate.


Exact numbers on emigration and immigration can be received from the population census of the year 2011.


At the moment there are 1.3 million individuals residing in Estonia.

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