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Latvian Barometer survey reveals record-strong optimism in June

BC, Riga, 26.07.2019.Print version
The overall mood of Latvia’s residents improved in June, with the public sentiment index hitting the highest point yet, the monthly Latvian Barometer survey by SKDS pollster shows, informed LETA.

The data of the latest Latvian Barometer shows that in June the public sentiment index rose by four points, from -13 to -9 points. The result recorded last month suggests that people in Latvia are as optimistic as never before. The lowest value of the public sentiment index was recorded in late 2008 when it hit -58 amid the global economic and financial crisis.

Respondents' assessment of nearly all aspects analyzed in the Barometer improved, except for the assessments of the overall situation and the government’s job performance, which have become more critical.

In June 2019, 35 respondents in the Latvian Barometer survey believed that the situation in Latvia is developing in the right direction (36 percent in May), and 46 felt things were developing in the wrong direction (47% in May). The overall assessment of the situation was down to -12 from -11.

Asked to evaluate the state of the Latvian economy, 9 percent have a positive assessment and 41% were pessimistic about the shape of the economy. Over the month, the index climbed to -19 from -21.

Asked to assess the financial situation of their families, 20% described it as good and 23 as bad. In June, the index rose by four points from May, from -7 to -3 points, which is the best score ever recorded by the Latvian Barometer.

As about their outlook on their families’ finances, 23% of respondents said their financial situation was likely to improve and 9 percent anticipated deterioration. The index climbed from +4 to +8 points over the month.

Chances of finding a good job were seen as good by 15% of respondents, while 44% of the polled people voiced pessimism about job opportunities.

The Latvian Barometer is a monthly survey examining current processes in areas of economic and social importance. In the first part of the survey, respondents are asked a set of unchanging questions to pinpoint monthly changes in the general mood of the public but the questions in the second part each time deal with a different matter which is currently in the focus of the public attention.

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