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Economic stimulus measures of Ansip stands out positively

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 25.03.2009.Print version
Postimees Online: the Prime Minister Andrus Ansip stated in front of Riigikogu on Wednesday, that Estonia stands out well in Europe for its economic recovery measures, writes LETA.

The Prime Minister Andrus Ansip

Ansip stated that the European Commission has assessed that the volume of measures directed to stimulating the economy from the Estonian State budget is on average two times bigger than is the custom in the European Union.


"The European Commission has also assessed that in the Estonian budget, the share of investments is two times higher than the EU average," said the Prime Minister. He added that according to the Commission, the volume of measures allocated from the Estonian State budget to stimulating the economy is approximately 4% of Estonia's GDP. "As is known, the European Commission set an objective of spending 1% of Member States' GDP on boosting the economy," said Ansip when answering the questions of MPs in the Parliament.

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