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Third Estonian convicts are in prison for at least the fourth time

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In 2014, 2,307 persons convicted of a crime were serving a prison sentence in Estonia and a third of them were in jail for at least the fourth time, LETA/Postimees online reports.

According to Statistics Estonia, among convicts serving a prison sentence, 815 were in jail for the fourth, 352 for the third, 520 the second and 620 for the first time.


Most often, prisoners serve a 3-5 years imprisonment, as 580 convicts served a sentence that long last year. 565 prisoners were serving a 5-10 years, 342 prisoners a 1-2 years, 257 a 2-3 years, 253 a sentence lasting up to 1 year; 207 a 10-15-year, 62 prisoners a 15-30 year and 1 prisoner a more than 30 year prison sentence. There were 40 lifetime prisoners last year.


The biggest number of convicted prisoners are in the age group 30-39 years old, 817 were in that group. 485 prisoners were 40-49 years old, 365 were 25-29 years old, 227 were 50-59 years old, 173 were 22-24 years old, 126 were 18-21 years old, 94 were over 60 years old and 20 prisoners were aged 15-17.


Out of the 2,307 convicts, 929 were Estonians. Women convicts numbered 119.


A total of 2,921 people were last year in prison; in addition to the 2,307 convicts, 614 people were in detention facilities pre-trial and during trial. Last year was the first time there were less than 3,000 people in Estonian prisons.

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