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Unemployment numbers increased by 52.8% in Estonia in 2008

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 27.02.2009.Print version
The total number of people registered as unemployed in the Labour Market Board in Estonia reached 61,485 in 2008, writes Äripä This is by 52.8% more than in 2007 when the number was 40,247.

On average, within one month, there were 21,918 unemployed persons registered in the Labour Market Board in 2008. On the daily basis, the average number of unemployed persons was 19,706 – 3.1% of labour market from the age of 16 until pension age.


In the year 2007, the average number of registered unemployed persons on a daily basis reached 13,459.


The share of young unemployed persons (aged 16-24) of people registered as unemployed during the year reached 15.9% in 2008 while in 2007 the same indicator was 13.8%. The share of unemployed persons older than 50 years of age of people registered as unemployed during the year was 28.1% while in 2007, the share was 29.7%.


A total of 14,341 of new job offers were received throughout the year while in 2007 there were 22,806 new job offers. According to the Labour Market Board, 16,906 registered unemployed persons took jobs in 2008.


23,569 persons received unemployment benefits throughout the year – 33% more than in 2007.

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