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Estonia spends 16 mln euros to implement cyber security strategy

BC, Tallinn, 11.09.2014.Print version
The Estonian government approved on Thursday the Cyber Security Strategy for the period 2014-2017, which aims to increase the state's cyber security capacities and awareness of people of cyber threats, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The total cost of the activities of the strategy is approximately EUR 16 million and the majority of that money comes from EU funds.


According to Economy Minister Urve Palo, the strategy takes into account the experiences of Estonia and our partners and is directed to the discovery of cyber security risks and hedging them.


"Estonia's e-state, ID-cards, e-voting and other solutions have received positive attention in the world. But our dependence on e-solutions makes us also vulnerable. The Cyber Security Strategy says how to anticipate dangers and, if necessary, defend ourselves," said Palo.


The Cyber Security Strategy focuses on ensuring critical services, more effective fight against cyber crime and developing the national defence capabilities.


These are accompanied as supportive activities by design of the legal framework, promoting international cooperation, awareness raising and ensuring cyber security professionals, and solutions.

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