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An average of 1.2 mln internet purchases are made through banks in Estonia every month

BC, Tallinn, 26.04.2013.Print version
Eesti Pank's statistics show that in the past 11 months, 1.2 million internet purchases have been made through Estonian banks, with a total turnover of 54 million euros, informs LETA.

Of these purchases, 4/5 were payments within Estonia made through a bank link service, accounting for 40 million euros in value. The average size of these payments was 42 euros.


Credit cards were used more over the internet for making payments for goods and services ordered from other countries. Credit card payments were made on average 235 thousand times a month for a total value of 15 million euros. Only one tenth of these payments were within Estonia. The average credit card payment was 64 euros.


Three methods are used for paying for internet purchases: card payments, internet bank payments through a bank link service, and wallet solutions like PayPal.


Data from Statistics Estonia show that one in five Estonian residents used the internet for purchases in 2012. The number of purchasers using the internet in Estonia grew by 11% or 24 thousand during 2012.


Eesti Pank has been collecting and publishing statistics on internet purchases made through banks since May 2012.

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