The Baltic Course

The magazine is interesting for giving a good view of the entire transit industry in the Baltics. The articles are composed in a logical and understandable language. The information can be of use to readers and users not only as leisure reading but also as a working tool. I would like to note, firstly, the current topics discussed, and secondly, the analytical qualities of the articles, allowing us to follow all the major turns in the transit business. A specific feature of this business is that the news itself may not matter as much as its analysis and perspective estimates. The Baltic News Service is based on news and The Baltic Course - on analysis, but together we represent integral feedback for those, who use our information
Liga Mengelsone,
Director, BNS Latvia, Riga


Your magazine seems like the best in terms of Baltic market reality and now I am very interested in this market because I want to work in Latvia.
I want to know if you can help me if I have any question about the Baltic market. My professional background includes IT projects in Portugal, Angola, USA, Spain, UK, etc.
Victor Rodriguez


Thank you for the regular deliveries of your magazine, read by Russian speaking people from Polish business circles. On our part we would like to kindly invite you to join our annual Baltic Forum in Mikolaiki, a place where representatives from a number of major Belarussian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian companies will meet to establish new trade contacts and develop existing ties.
Katrin Kitz
Polish Information Center


I would like to first of all express my gratitude for a very valuable and well informed magazine on issues vital to the Baltic States. It pleased me to see a Latvian publication in good English. I often use it as an interesting and worthy teaching aid for English classes with my students and Grade 12 pupils. It is very important for young people to be informed about developments in their own country, and they find it more interesting to read about recent events and thus practice their English.
Ilze Kreismane
Principal, Saulgriezi summer school, Latvia


I've been reading your magazine for three years. I find it has much useful information for my work related to the introduction of environmental protection technologies in the Baltic states. I am particularly interested in articles on the oil and gas industry. It's important that every issue of your magazine contains articles with comparative analysis of the three Baltic states, offering a panoramic view of developments in the Baltic sea region.
Algirdas Siatkus
Director of commerce, Ursus&Ko, Lithuania


For four years I worked in Riga as a member of the economic group at the Russian Embassy. I was a regular reader of The Baltic Course magazine and still am now when I'm back in Moscow, regardless of my new employment bearing no direct relation to the Baltics. Although I do not always fully agree with the comments published in your magazine, I am by the thorough yet simple presentation of rather complicated issues. I expect The Baltic Course to continue steering the right course also in the future. Good luck!
Dmitry Kvitko
Head of structural reforms unit at the department of international cooperation, Russia's Ministry for Economic Development and Trade


Our company is traditionally involved in Haute Couture and high-class fabrics for men worldwide since 1842. We are also active in the Baltics (now and also before the Soviet era) with our representative in Tallinn, MS/ Tuuli Org.
Therefore, we read your editions in English with great interest, especially when our customers or our own company name is mentioned. Unfortunately, a printing error occurred on page 61 of your last issue, and our name was spelled DORMENIL instead of DORMEUIL.
Wishing you a lot of success with the following editions, I send you my best regards from Paris.
Laurent Lemoine
Export Area Manager, DORMEUIL Sarl, Paris


Dear Sirs,
Having become an avid reader of the Baltic Course I would like to express my appreciation of the high level and wide variety of topics covered in your magazine. Profound changes taking place all over the world I have found it very important to be well informed in all fields of life, and certainly following the progress in the neighboring Baltic countries is of great importance.
Reading the Baltic Course has been a refreshing and rewarding experience.
Maija-Liisa Marton
Artistic Director Kotka Municipal Theatre


The Society Transformation Institute has in its work over recent years been using the high-quality research material published in the /The Baltic Course magazines. We believe that the comprehensive information found in the magazine on economics and business in the Baltic region helps the Balts in their strive to re-direct production to the Western market, while still maintaining Eastern imports, to attract Western investments for an array of projects, to create favorable conditions for developing the Baltic economic potential, to make good use of the strategic transit corridor between East and West that runs through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
We are looking forward to further cooperation between our publications - The Baltic Course and Ekonomichniy Chasopis.
Antonina Matviychuk,
Editor-in-Chief, Ekonomichniy Chasopis magazine, [Ukraine]
Oleg Soskin,
Director, Society Transformation Institute, [Ukraine]

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