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Lattelekom – your partner in the Baltic states

Lattelekom is the largest telecommunications company in Latvia. It was established on January 14, 1994, upon signing of the Umbrella Agreement between the Latvian Government and the international telecommunications consortium TILTS Communications. 51% of capital shares of Lattelekom are owned by the Latvian State, and 49% – by TILTS Communications.

At the end of 2002 Lattelekom started operations also in Lithuania and Estonia, offering unified IT&T solutions in all the three Baltic states.

Offer for businesses in the Baltic states

With the establishment of a common Pan-Baltic economic and business area, joint management of branches becomes a topical issue for the companies operating in all the three Baltic countries. Implementation of information technologies plays an important role in achievement of this target, providing for a possibility for companies to manage their financial resources more successfully, to organize work with their customers, to work with suppliers, and monitor the flow of goods and cash, as well as to manage other processes related to company governance.

To find a possibility to offer to the customers quality corporate network solutions in the Baltic states, at the beginning of 2002 Lattelekom started implementation of the Baltic Network project. By using Lattelekom’s solutions, company’s customers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can use corporate IT systems safely and efficiently, access internal information resources of the companies, and make use of corporate telephony and videoconferencing possibilities, as well as other modern services.


Lattelekom offers:

˜           use of the most powerful, functionally diversified and reliable telecommunications infrastructure in the Baltic States

˜           development and implementation of integrated telecommunications and IT solutions projects that best meet the needs of the customers

˜           data services with up to 10 Mb/s transfer rate and higher

˜             ransmission of voice and video in the corporate network

˜           continuous network monitoring and customer helpdesk support around the clock

˜           cooperation with foreign partners – connecting of the Baltic Network infrastructure with the company’s corporate data networks in Europe and around the world

˜           one service provider throughout the Baltics

˜           high quality data centers (for centralized allocation of IT resources)

˜           T systems development and integration.

The experience gained by Lattelekom employees in development of integrated data transmission solutions and servicing of corporate customers allows for finding individual approach for identifying customer needs and their business requirements. In early 2003 the company received the ISO Certificate for corporate customer servicing in the area of telecommunications and IT solutions.

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