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Printed: 13.07.2024.

PrintCopterline won't restart flights between Tallinn and Helsinki soon

BC, Tallinn, 18.09.2013.
The helicopter operator Copterline doesn’t plan to return to the Tallinn-Helsinki route any time soon since the company earns much more servicing oil rigs in the North Sea, LETA/Postimees writes.


Copterline has operated the Tallinn-Helsinki flights on three periods: in 2000–2005, in 2008 and for nine months starting September 2011. The flights were first severed after an accident with one of his helicopters that fell into the sea near Tallinn and killed all 14 people on board in August 2005. The company then made two attempts to service the route again and has promised to return to the route repeatedly ever since.


The company's CEO Kari Ljunberg admits now that there is still demand for their work in the North Sea, and thus they intend to continue the work there for a while. Ljunberg said that in the first seven months of this year, Copterline has earned in the North Sea 2.2 mln euros. He said that flying between Tallinn and Helsinki is profitable but stressed that the Estonian and Finnish economies are not in the best state now. Ljunberg said that they intend to return to the Tallinn-Helsinki route in the future but didn’t reveal any dates.