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Printed: 14.04.2024.

PrintExcise tax on liquor and gasoline in Latvia to increase one month earlier

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 21.04.2011.
The excise tax on liquor and gasoline in Latvia will be raised on June 1, 2011, whilst the tax rates on cigarettes – on July 1, the Finance Ministry informed LETA. It was previously announced that the tax rates will increase on July 1, however, due to "terms of fiscal impact" the tax rates on liquor and gasoline will be raised earlier.


As reported, on April 14, the Saeima approved in the final reading amendments to the law On Excise Tax, which provide for increasing excise tax rates on liquor, cigarettes and gasoline.


The new tax rates are meant to generate an additional LVL 14.53 million in revenue this year, and LVL 37.56 million in 2012, writes LETA.


The amendments provide for increasing excise tax on liquor from LVL 890 to LVL 940 per 100 liters of pure alcohol, to make the tax rate equal with those of Estonia and Lithuania.


The amendments also stipulate increasing excise tax on gasoline from LVL 269 to LVL 289 per 1,000 liters, which will also make the tax closer to the tax rates of Lithuania and Estonia.


Excise tax on cigarettes and smoking tobacco will also be gradually increased so as to meet the European Union's minimum level by 2018. According to the Finance Ministry's estimates, this will net an extra LVL 3,608,500 in the budget this year, and LVL 8,660,300 in 2012 and 2013 each.


Also, excise tax on natural gas used for heating will be reduced from LVL 15.6 to LVL 12 per 1,000 cubic meters after July 1.