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''Latvia for the Lat'' allowed to begin collecting signatures to propose Seima’s dismissal

BC, Riga, 29.05.2013.Print version
The Central Election Commission has deemed as valid the request from the association ''Latvia for the Lat'' to begin collecting signatures to propose the dismissal of Saeima, LETA was informed by Central Election Commission spokeswoman Kristine Berzina.

The association must collect 10,000 notary-approved signatures, which will then be submitted to the Central Election Commission for inspection.


If the signatures are collected, the Central Election Commission would then have to organize a second-round of signature collections, where 1/10 of eligible voters' signatures, approximately 150,000, would then need to be collected to propose a nationwide referendum.


''Seeing that 10,000 signatures are already collected in the first-round of signature collection, then an additional 140,000 signatures would be needed for the referendum to take place,'' Berzina explained.


''Latvia for the lat'' is an association established to counter the introduction of the euro in Latvia.


The chairman of ''Latvia for the lat'' is Andris Orols, who is also the chairman of the "Antiglobalists" association.

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