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Printed: 25.07.2024.

PrintBetting big in 3D-printed technology is paying off for this Latvian-born investor

BC, Riga, 18.05.2020.
Not every billionaire struggling like Richard Branson these days.


As the poster child for entrepreneurship struggles to secure a bailout for the UK government, other savvy investors such as James Richman, is yet again showing his ability to navigate through rough waters.

The Monaco-based investor, who was born in Latvia, has reportedly increased his net worth by additional $1.8bn due in part to his rightfully timed investments in biotechnology and 3D-printed technologies. 

As the coronavirus pandemic heightens, so is the demand for 3D-printed products as they are now being used to meet the growing demand to produce personal protective equipment (PPEs) for healthcare and frontline workers. Additionally, 3D-printed ventilator parts have also increased in production. 

The networks of companies, groups, and individuals who own and use 3D printers in different capacities have suddenly sprung to life. This is amid a world that is still in search of a viable treatment and vaccine for the COVID-19 disease brought by the novel coronavirus. 

Although Richman is set to add more money to his ever-growing net worth because of his early bets paying off, the Monaco-based investor is thought to still choose to take the low-key route. 

Instead of making much noise about the recent success of his investments, Richman understands the grave situation that the world is currently in and has opted to tap his non-profit organization to bolster efforts to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uncanny foresight

Again, the financier is poised to emerge stronger despite the grim outlook the financial world has today. 


It can be recalled that Richman is no stranger to making winning moves against market crashes. His private investment company was reported to almost triple in revenue when the 2008 recession took place. 


His investment strategies, which were scoffed at by many Wall Street veterans at that point, proved to be strokes of wizardry as his firm blasted off into new highs in the capital. 


He is understood to then use the profits and ventured into investing in upstart tech companies. Being the richest businessman from the Baltic States, he is known for his investments in tech giants, both public and private alike. 


He is best known for pumping in funds into Facebook, Uber, and Tesla. He is thought to have the innate ability to analyze good investments and put money into ventures that become the next big thing. 


Fast-forward to today, Richman’s investments made before the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is said to have earned him a whopping $1.8 billion. This is basically being driven by the increasing amount of 3D-printed products as well as investments that have “anticipated” a huge market crash. 

The increased global demand for the products is unprecedented in size and scope. The hysteria and government actions to scramble for a hope to combat COVID-19 only fuels the demand even more.


So far, only a few renowned names in the financial industry have been reported to withstand, or even flourish, during the recent market crash. 


For example, Investor Bill Ackman claims that his prior knowledge of the effects of the global pandemic allowed his firm to employ an investment strategy tailor-made for the market crash. In a recent post on the Pershing Square Capital Management website, Ackman disclosed that he increased his initial capital of $27 million by 100 times. He added that he did this by betting on major market movements. 


What’s good about James Richman is that he recognizes that now is the time where everybody who has the ability to help must pitch in to join the fight against COVID-19. 


Recently, sources close to the investment tycoon have disclosed that his non-profit organization has been "very busy helping step up and enrich people’s lives " as his group is said to be funding key activities and initiatives that are deemed to be the focal points to beat the pandemic. 


These include the production of protective equipment, development of a treatment and vaccine, and increased funding towards other biotechnology efforts. 


Venturing into biotechnology

James Richman has already pulled strings to support the growing demand for protective equipment for frontline and health workers. His influence and backing in many upstart 3D-printing companies comes in handy for this endeavor. Distribution of his massive supplement to the much-needed equipment has almost reached its final stage.


Likewise, Richman has already fueled the development of a COVID-19 treatment and vaccine. He understands the importance that treatment will provide and the security that will come with knowing the pandemic can be cured will ripple massively to the way the market behaves. 


Meanwhile, he has reportedly committed $18 million dollars intended to find the ultimate cure for COVID-19. 


This, however, is not his first impactful investments in healthcare and medicine. In fact, Richman had already put in several millions into healthcare systems in the Baltic States a few years back. 


Reports reveal that this was driven by the painful loss of a loved one when Richman was still young and has become part of the many aspects, and ultimately the North Star helping drive his investment decisions.