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Printed: 08.12.2023.

PrintVilnius approves of deficit budget for 2015

BC, Vilnius, 22.01.2015.
On Wednesday, 21 January, Vilnius City Municipality Council deliberated on and approved the city's budget for 2015, reports LETA/ELTA.


Vilnius budget is EUR 369.5 million, it increased by EUR 34 million, compared to 2014. With additional revenue in mind – Privatisation Fund, EU funding and credit – Vilnius will receive EUR 485 million in 2015.


Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas said introducing the budget that with the increase of the share of personal income tax allotted to Vilnius, the city should receive over EUR 178,000 in personal income tax.


"One has to admit that even though the budget is growing, yet per capita it is the lowest among Lithuanian cities, not to mention the budgets of major cities of the Baltic States," emphasised Zuokas.


Vilnius budget deficit will exceed EUR 63 million, however, the city expects to save nearly EUR 20 million in various areas of activity.


In 2014 Vilnius returned EUR 82.5 million of its debt, but it nonetheless grew by EUR 6 million – from EUR 374 million to EUR 380 million. Between 2007 and 2013 Vilnius debt increased by almost 4 times.


Mayor Zuokas forecasts that financial liabilities will start decreasing in late 2015.


Essential expenditure of Vilnius city per year totals EUR 237.5 million.