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3,134 immigrants from Latvia registered in Ireland, 4,353 – from Lithuania in 2010

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 10.01.2011.Print version
3,134 immigrants from Latvia have been registered in 2010, according to the Irish Ministry of Social and Family Affairs. 4,353 immigrants were registered from Lithuania.

The figure is smaller than in 2009, when 3,919 Latvian immigrants registered for work in Ireland. It is also smaller than in 2008 – 3,727, reports Irish Latvian website Baltic Ireland.


8,742 Poles, 7,810 Britons, 4,353 Lithuanians and 4,257 Brazilian immigrants also were registered for employment in 2010, writes LETA.


Overall, 69,039 immigrants from other countries were registered in Ireland in 2010.


According to Irish Ministry of Social and Family Affairs, 45,836 Latvian nationals were given Irish personal identification number (PPS) in the period of time from June 2000 – December 2010.


2005 was the year with the most Latvian nationals to register in Ireland – 9,328.

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