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80% Latvian and Lithuanian residents use Internet, in Estonia even 90%

BC, Riga, 13.05.2015.Print version
80% Latvian residents are Internet users, which is the same as in Lithuania, but less than in Estonia, where 90% of residents use the Internet, according to a study on Internet users in 12 European countries, conducted by the research company Gemius, cites LETA.

The company's representatives said that the largest proportion of Internet users was registered in Denmark – 97%.


Meanwhile, the proportion of Internet users in the Czech Republic reached 88%, in Bulgaria – 82%, and Slovenia – 81%.


The proportion of Internet users in Poland was 65%, in Romania – 59%.


The study was conducted in January 2015, interviewing residents aged between 18 and 69.


Gemius is an internet research and business consulting company, which provides data for internet based companies, monitors website data flows, analyzes online advertising campaigns, and measures the activity of web users.

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