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Statoil and Neste reduce fuel prices once again in Latvia

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 22.06.2012.Print version
Statoil Fuel&Retail Latvia and Neste Latvija fuel traders reduced fuel prices one santim this morning.

95 octane gas now costs 94.9 santims per liter at Statoil filling stations (down from 95.9 santims), whereas 98 octane gas is sold for 97.9 santims (previously 98.9 santims) per liter, writes LETA.


Diesel fuel price has been reduced from 90.9 santims to 89.9 santims per liter.


95 octane gas price at Neste Latvija filling stations was reduced to 93.7 santims per liter, 98 octane gas now costs 96.7 santims, whereas diesel fuel – 88.7 santims per liter, as Neste Latvija customer relations manager Ilze Perkone told


Perkone said the price reductions were due to the latest trends on the global oil product markets.


At Lukoil Baltija R filling stations, 95 octane gas costs 92.7 santims per liter this morning, 98 octane gasoline costs 95.7 santims and diesel fuel 87.7 santims per liter. 

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