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Tallinn will start using non-contact card tickets in public transport in autumn

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 15.06.2012.Print version
The city of Tallinn will phase out paper tickets in public transport and replace it with a ticket sales system based on non-contact cards this autumn, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

According to the Tallinn city council decree that was approved on Thursday, the paper tickets will be replaced with e-tickets from September 21.


There will be a validator by every door of public transport vehicles and when the card is placed near the validator, it registers the trip and charges the cost of the trip from the card. The cards can be recharged at sales venues or the internet. A special e-ticket card can be purchased but ISIC card or pupil's cards supplied with the corresponding chips also can be used. The ID-ticket that is in use now, will be also usable.


In the new system, there are no tickets for a single ride, the cheapest ticket is 1-hour ticket that will cost either 1.2 EUR or 1.1 EUR depending on the type of ticket carrier.

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