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Helicopter brings donor's heart, kidneys to Vilnius

BC, Vilnius, 29.07.2020.Print version
A helicopter of the Lithuanian Air Force landed near Santara Clinics on Wednesday after bringing in a donor's heart, kidneys and corneas, reports LETA/BNS.

Arturas Bagotyrius, head of the National Transplant Bureau, told BNS the organs of a young donor were taken overnight in the northern city of Siauliai by a team of seven medics, and patients in Vilnius will receive the heart and corneas, and two persons in Kaunas, Lithuania's second-largest city, will receive the kidneys. A total of four recipients will receive new organs.

"It was decided to take the heart and corneas for transplantation at Vilnius Santara Clinics, and the kidneys will go to the University of Health Sciences' Clinics in Kaunas. The remaining organs were not suitable for transplantation due to medical reasons. (…) I can only say that these are a young person's organs," he said.

According to Bagotyrius, hears have the shortest waiting time and need to be transplanted within six hours. The other organs can wait longer. The kidneys will be taken to Kaunas from Vilnius by car.

A total of three hearts, 39 kidneys, 10 livers, 12 corneas have been transplanted in Lithuania so far, and also around 100 bone marrow transplants have been done.

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