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Saeima in Latvia passes bill allowing law enforcement authorities to analyze air passenger data

BC, Riga, 12.04.2018.Print version
Saeima in Latvia today passed in the second reading legislative amendments allowing law enforcement authorities to analyze air passengers’ data in order to solve 26 types of crime, including industrial spying and organ trafficking, reports LETA.

The bill, drawn up by the Interior Ministry, includes a list of crimes the solving of which would require analyzing air passengers’ data. They include human trafficking, sexual abuse of children and child pornography, drug trafficking, illegal trade in weapons, corruption, fraud, money-laundering, cybercrime and environmental crime.

Analysis of passenger data will also be allowed to solve murders, trade in human organs, kidnapping, armed robberies, illegal trade in artifacts, hormones or other growth stimulators and radioactive materials, sabotage, trade in stolen motor vehicles and industrial espionage.

Under the draft amendments, a new job will be created in the Security Police by appointing a data protection specialist tasked with supervising the processing of air passenger data, as well as ensuring data protection and communication with the data subjects.

As reported, the Law on Processing Air Passenger Data needed to fight terrorism came into effect on April 2017. Airlines were required to start submitting information to the newly-created Register of the Air Passenger Data no later than by September 1.

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