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People unharmed as Vim Airlines plane skids on runway at Riga Airport

BC, Riga, 17.02.2017.Print version
A Vim Airlines charter flight from the Russian city of Ufa got into an accident at Riga International Airport today when the aircraft started skidding on the runway before takeoff, the airport’s representatives informed.

There were 43 passengers and seven crewmembers on board the plane, but none of them was injured in the accident.

The plane has been taxied to the apron. The runway has been closed and is being examined for technical issues.

The passengers on the charter flight included the team of the Togliatti Lada ice hockey club, the club’s goalie Edgars Masalskis from Latvia told LETA. He said that after yesterday’s match in Riga the team was on flying to Ufa for the next game. The athlete declined to elaborate.

Latvia’s Artis Abols is the Togliatti Lada team’s assistant coach and the team also includes Latvian player Kristaps Sotnieks.

According to information on the airport’s website, there have been no arrivals at Riga airport since 11.54 a.m., while the last departure took place at 11.32 a.m.

Russia’s Vim Airlines carrier, established in 2002, serves charter flights both inside Russia and to foreign countries

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