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Estonia's Edelaraudtee turns down EUR 2.1 mln compensation

BC, Tallinn, 04.01.2017.Print version
The privately owned operator of passenger trains Edelaraudtee, for whom a court has awarded 2.1 mln euros in damages due to premature termination of a contract by the Estonian government, is not satisfied with the size of the compensation and will appeal the decision, LETA/BNS reports.

"Edelaraudtee AS has decided to appeal the court's decision because in the opinion of Edelaraudtee the decision of the Tallinn Administrative Court is not lawful and justified in the part where the administrative court partially did not satisfy the claim," told Edelaraudtee spokesman Marko Paloveer."Edelaraudtee AS believes that the court must satisfy the claim in full," he added.

Edelaraudtee has previously said that it is demanding the state to pay 5 mln euros for premature termination of their passenger transport contract. "The loss of Edelaraudtee due to a prematurely termination of the contract is 4,975,507 euros. The size of the loss was calculated by an international auditing company. The final amount of the loss might change and depends on various circumstances, including the next steps of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications," spokesperson for Edelaraudtee Kersti Gorstov said in August 2013.

A previous decision of the court regarding the case which has taken effect stated that the ministry's decision to prematurely terminate the contract was lawful.

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