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Estonian travel agency Embach Tours could be in payment difficulties

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 11.08.2009.Print version
Estonia-based travel agency Embach Tours OÜ's webpage is closed, the managers don't answer the phone and office in Tartu is closed – it could mean that the company is in payment troubles, reports.

Gennadi Jõgi, one of holders of Embach Tours, said via a secretary, that he wasn't willing to talk about the company. Another owner, Indrek Pajuri, that he didn't have an overview of the Embach Tours economic situation.


Aripaev couldn't get in touch with Ester Laansalu, the CEO of Embach Tours.


Sven Lõokene, the CEO of travel company Reisiekspert, said that the Tartu office of Embach Tours was closed, and Ester Laansalu, the manager, did not answer the phone.

"It doesn't sound good," Lõokene said.


Mari-Liis Rüütsalu, the marketing and communications manager at Estravel AS, said that Embach Tours' booking system is closed.


"Estravel has sent an official enquiry to the company," she said.


Estravel has contacted the clients who have bought their trips via Embach Tours and offered possible alternatives.

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