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Lithuanian real estate prices fell by 35% over the year 2008

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 25.11.2009.Print version
Over the past year, 2008, the prices of the Lithuania’s entire real estate, including land, buildings and their premises, went down almost 144 billion litas (41.71 billion euros) or 35%.

These are the first estimates of real estate mass valuation carried out by the Centre of Registers, writes ELTA/LETA.


The depreciation of the country's assets was mostly determined by a drop of 58 billion litas (16.8 billion euros) or 42% in the prices of land and a decrease of almost 56 billion litas (16.22 billion euros) or 45% in the prices of flats. The real estate in Lithuania presently costs around 268 billion litas (77.634 billion euros).

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