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Estonia’s largest environmental projects will be launched in Ida-Virumaa region

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 12.10.2010.Print version
Tuesday will see the start of work aimed to close the down Kiviõli and Kohtla-Järve industrial waste and semi-coke landfills in North East Estonian Ida-Virumaa region, which will be one of the biggest environmental projects in Estonia ever, LETA/National Broadcasting reports.

Closing both landfills will cost nearly 552 mln kroons and the work will be financed by the EU Cohesion Fund.


The Kohtla-Järve semi-coke landfill is Estonia’s largest and closing it costs 323 mln kroons. The open public procurement for closing the Kohtla-Järve semi-coke and industrial waste landfill was won by Merko Ehitus. The nearly 100 hectares landfill will have to be brought in line with environmental requirements, for which nearly 6 million cubic metres of semi-coke will be relocated, insulations will be built around the mountain and on the mountain to keep pollution from spreading etc.


Closing the 20 hectares Kiviõli hill costs 51.2 mln kroons. The Kiviõli landfill will be closed by Skanska EMV.


Estonia promised to close the Ida-Virumaa industrial waste landfills by July 16, 2013 latest at the EU accession talks.

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