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Latvian animated film studio "Dauka" to shut down temporarily

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 14.06.2010.Print version
The animated film studio "Dauka", which has been making animated films for forty years in Latvia, will halt production of new films for an indefinite period due to lack of funds, as producer Ansis Berzins told LETA.

"Dauka" has produced such popular cartoons as "Zelta sietins" (Golden Sieve), "Fantadroms", "Ness un Nesija" (Ness and Nessie), "Kakisa dzirnavas" (The Cat's Mill) and many others.


Berzins informed that the film studio decided to shut down temporarily after the National Fiml Center rejected the studio's project, twice.


"Dauka" needed just couple thousand lats to complete the studio's 126th film, by directors Roze Stiebra and Mikus Straume, however, funding for the film was not presented, Berzins stressed.


The film studio will stop producing new films for the time being, but it will not announce bankruptcy as yet, because other opportunities to continue work will be sought.


Wednesday, June 16, "Dauka" will hold a closing event, when its latest film will be screened every half-hour from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.


All the films produced by "Dauka" have been included in the children's culture Internet portal "", as well as other Internet websites. A large collection of "Dauka" animated films, 95 films altogether, has been released in DVD format.

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