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Eco Baltia Vide and Clean R confirm readiness to continue waste management services in Riga

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Eco Baltia Vide and Clean R, two of the current waste management operators, have confirmed their readiness to continue provision of services in Riga, LETA learned from both companies.

Both companies have confirmed their readiness to continue work in line with the present agreements that have been terminated as of September 15 to the Riga City Council. 

Clean R representatives said, at the same time, the legally, the recent concession agreement is in force - it has not been cancelled or declared invalid. Just a request of the Riga City Council may not renew the previous agreements that have been terminated.

Clean R calls on the Cabinet of Ministers not to hesitate with making decisions on the waste management system in Riga after September 14.

"Every day spent in negotiations, but failing to make a decision on the legal framework, is adding to the problems," said Clean R executive director Valerijs Stankevics.

Eco Baltia Vide board chairman Janis Aizbalts said that in the existing situation the only logical solution is to continue the present contracts in order to prevent a pollution crisis and chaos in the city. "Considering the stance of the Competition Council, politicians have no time to think about new drills with negotiations procedures, consequences cannot be predictable.

In our opinion, it is important to ensure legal unity so that in a situation when we continue our work after September 15, legitimacy of this step is not doubted," he said.

Aizbalts also said that the officials should urgently solve the issue with those residents and companies whose current operators are not ready to work after September 15.

Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor to Serve Riga) said in an interview with the Latvian public television today that the Riga City Council has proposed the current providers of waste collection and management services to continue work even though agreements with them have been terminated. Burovs voiced concerns that the two small operators who serve 12 percent of the capital might not be ready to continue work.

As reported, the government on Tuesday could not reach agreement on declaring a state of emergency in Riga due to a crisis in the city's waste management system, but urged the Riga City Council to act in accordance with the Competition Council's ruling.

The ministers agreed that the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry would have to ensure that the Riga City Council acts in accordance with the Competition Council's decision. The Riga City Council will have to inform the ministry about its actions. If necessary, the government will convene for an extraordinary meeting in order to decide on declaring a state of emergency.

The Competition Council banned the newly-established monopoly Tiriga from signing contracts with residents of Riga.

Currently the waste collection and management services in Riga are provided by four operators - Clean R, Eco Baltia Vide, who both have joined in a new venture that won the tender, Pilsetvidess Serviss and Lautus.

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