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Lipmans family acquires additional 22.66% stake in Grindex pharmaceutical company

BC, Riga, 24.05.2019.Print version
Liplat Holding, a new enterprise established by the Lipmans family, has acquired an additional 22.66% stake in Grindex pharmaceutical company, according to a statement to Nasdaq Riga.

Liplat Holding now owns 72.6% of Grindex shares.

Earlier, AmberStone, a group related to ABLV Bank, which is in the process of liquidation, said it was selling 22.66% in Grindex, but did not name the buyer.

Grindex capital consists of 9.585 mln shares with the face value of EUR 1.4 per share. The company's key shareholder is Liplat Holding, which previously held 49.94% of Grindex shares. Kirovs Lipmans now holds 43.33%, Dashdirect Limited holds 34.95%, Anna Lipmane holds 21.67 %, and Filips Lipmans holds 0.05% of Liplat Holding.

As reported, Grindex concern in 2018 posted EUR 145.5 mln turnover, up 10% from 2017, while the concern’s loss reached EUR 9.7 mln.

The Grindex group comprises the parent company, Grindex, and five subsidiaries in Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Slovakia.

Grindex is quoted on the Main List of Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.

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