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Estonian parlt strips MP Kallo of immunity

BC, Tallinn, 14.05.2019.Print version
Estonian Chancellor of Justice Ulle Madise on Tuesday made a proposal to the Riigikogu to strip Center Party MP Kalev Kallo, whose court case relating to aiding the giving and accepting of a bribe has been pending for years, of immunity so that court proceedings against him could continue and the parliament agreed with the proposal.

Altogether 52 MPs voted in favor of stripping Kallo of immunity and no MPs were against it.

In the proposal, Madise noted that stripping Kallo of immunity does not mean that he is guilty of the crime and this also does not strip him of the opportunity to continue as an MP.

The justice chancellor affirmed that there was no reason to suspect that criminal proceedings had been initiated for political reasons, for example.

Kallo is one of the accused in the so-called Savisaar criminal case. The Supreme Court of Estonia in December 2018 freed Edgar Savisaar, former Center Party leader and Tallinn's ex-mayor, from trial due to his poor health.

The prosecutor's office is accusing Kallo of aiding the giving and accepting of a bribe.

The next court sessions have been planned to take place at the Harju County Court on June 16-19.

Kallo said that the whole procedure has lasted for three years and eight months already and has left a mark on him and his family.

"I hope that immunity will enable me work peace," Kallo asked his colleagues.

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