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Saeima committee agrees that healthcare workers will be permitted to work more overtime hours until 2022 in Latvia

BC, Riga, 03.12.2018.Print version
Saeima Social and Employment Matters Committee is planning to increase the maximum number of overtime hours for medical workers until 2022, the commission decided today, informed LETA.

Health Minister Anda Caksa told the commission that the Health Ministry was suggesting permitting healthcare workers to work up to 16 hours overtime a week - which is twice as much as permitted under the Labor Law.

The committee did not vote on the proposal in principle today, only on the period during which healthcare workers would be permitted to work the maximum number of overtime hours - three years.

Saeima Social and Employment Matters Committee's Chairman Andris Skride said that the committee would vote on the amendments to the Medical Treatment Law on Wednesday, December 5.

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