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"Latvia for the Lat" halts signature drive for dissolution of Saeima

BC, Riga, 02.09.2013.Print version
Due to insufficient signature numbers, the "Latvia for the Lat" association has halted a signature drive for a referendum on disbanding the 11th Saeima, the association's board chairman, Andris Orols, informed LETA.

As reported, the Central Election Commission concluded at the end of May that the initiative was not against the law and the association could begin collecting 10,000 signatures for a referendum on dissolving the parliament.


"Latvia for the Lat" has concluded that the number of signatures collected is insufficient to be submitted to the Central Election Commission. The required number of signatures was not collected due to a lack of funds and time, citizens' inactivity, explained Orols. The drive was halted in the middle of August.


LETA also reported, "Latvia for the Lat" claims that the 11th Saeima has made many anti-national and undemocratic decisions, and continues to do so. The association notes that all Saeima groups have expressed support for Latvia's switch from the lat to the euro, therefore it believes that Saeima members have broken their oath of office.


"With the introduction of the euro, an important part of Latvia's sovereignty will be inevitably handed over to international institutions. This means weakening our sovereignty, not making it stronger," claims the organization.


It also says that, according to public opinion surveys, the absolute majority of Latvia's residents are against the introduction of the euro. Therefore, the decision of politicians not to hold a referendum on the matter and to adopt the euro contrary to the nation's will, is undemocratic.


Although the 12th Saeima is to be elected in one-and-a-half years, the association believes that, in order to halt the "illegal" activities of Saeima and the government, the current parliament must be dissolved and a new one elected, where none of the parties represented in the current Saeima, nor any of the current MPs would be represented. "Honest and selfless people must be elected to Saeima who will observe the laws and work for the good of the majority."

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