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Latvia and Colombia hope to launch OECD accession talks

BC, Riga, 23.04.2013.Print version
From April 17 to 19, Latvian Foreign Ministry State Secretary Andris Teikmanis held political consultations with Colombian Deputy Foreign Minister Monica Lanzetta Mutis and bilateral meetings with several Colombian ministries to discuss matters related to both countries' candidacies for OECD membership, bilateral, multilateral and global cooperation.

Monica Lanzetta and Andris Teikmanis. Bogota, 18.04.2013. Photo:

Teikmanis and Lanzetta concluded that Latvia and Colombia are united by a common goal of joining the OECD, agreeing that both countries have fulfilled all requirements to receive invitations to the most important global economic policymaking forum, LETA was informed by the Foreign Ministry's Press and Information Division.


The sides lauded excellent bilateral relations and agreed that there is considerable potential for their growth, especially in economy and culture. Teikmanis confirmed Latvia's interest in expanding relations with Latin America and discussed Latvian-Colombian economic and political cooperation, the European Union's dialogue with Latin America, particularly emphasizing the advantages of the EU, Colombia and Peru Free Trade Agreement.


To promote economic cooperation, Teikmanis advocated making use of Latvian ports and transport infrastructure opportunities for transit to the Baltic Sea region, Russia and Central Asia. The Colombian side was interested in Latvia's transit opportunities and expertise in the Central Asia region.


Teikmanis highly appreciated Latvian-Colombian cooperation opportunities in culture, informing the Colombian side about the numerous events scheduled in Riga in 2014, when Riga will become the European Capital of Culture, and invited Colombian artists to participate in them.

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