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Corruption Prevention Bureau detains board member of Salaspils municipal company

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The Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) has detained Ilgonis Igaunis, a board member of Salaspils municipal company Valgums-S, on suspicions of abuse of authority, according to the information at the disposal of LETA.

KNAB without disclosing the person's name, said that on Monday activities, including searches, were conducted in relation to a criminal procedure started on July 26.

The criminal case has been launched on a suspicion that a local government official has possibly abused the authority by transfering EUR 3,000 to a company that provides online gambling services. 

One person has been detained in this relation, and measures that do not involve deprivation of freedom have been applied - a ban to take the position that is related with making decisions on use and supervision of financial resources.

KNAB does not provide any more details on the case. The bureau reminds that a person cannot be announced guilty before the guilt is proved in line with the law.

Salaspils local government chairman Raimonds Cudars (Unity) told LETA that has has no information about the detention.

Local government's executive director Mareks Kalnins told LETA that he is on a business trip and has not been informed about this.

Valgums-S belongs to Salaspils local government, according to business database. In 2018 the company posted EUR 1,712,432 in turnover and EUR 12,937 in profit. Igaunis is the only board member in the company. The company is engaged in water supply.

Igaunis last year earned EUR 52,231 in wage in Valgums-S compay. Also, he has worked as an expert in the Latvian Employers Confederation and received EUR 1,377 for his services. He also has declared a lottery prize worth EUR 15,000 last year. Igaunis owns an M 412 IE car made in 1979 and a real estate property in Riga.

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