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Two Estonians charged in Finland's largest ever money laundering case

BC, Tallinn, 16.08.2019.Print version
Finnish authorities are accusing two men originally from Estonia of extensive money laundering and the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) believes that Russian organized crime is behind the money laundering scheme, Finnish public broadcaster Yle reported on Friday reffered LETA.

The Helsinki district court accused the Estonians of an incident in which they are suspected of laundering 130-140 million euros of criminal money.

According to the police, the money is from the activity of Russian organized crime. However, there are no representatives of that circle of people among those charged in Finland. NBI investigator Jarmo Koistinen said that this is likely the largest money laundering suspicion ever uncovered in Finland.

Over the course of only four months, over 130 million euros moved through Finnish companies. When it comes to money laundering suspicions linked to Russia, there is often talk about millions of euros, but sums this high are rare, Koistinen said.

In the framework of this investigation, the police alone confiscated assets in the amount of over nine million euros.

Investigation of the case lasted for five years, during which the NBI requested the help of officials of several different countries.

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