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Insane Behring-Breivik fan planned attack on a Jurmala school - prosecution

BC, Riga, 14.06.2019.Print version
A man who last year posted xenophobic comments about Roma and Russians on social networks and praised Norwegian right-wing extremist and mass murderer Anders Behring-Breivik, had plotted terror attacks on a school and several other locations in Jurmala, Laura Majevska, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, told LETA.

Majevska said the man was jobless and with a disability.

The State Security Service, which carried out the initial investigation of the case, said on Thursday that a psychiatric examination had found the man mentally unfit to stand trial and that his case was therefore sent to the prosecutor’s office, which in turn sent it to the Riga District Court in Jurmala. The court will have to rule on ordering forced medical treatment for the suspect.

Majevska said that the man, who is not a member of any terrorist group, was a supporter and admirer of Behring-Breivik. He decided to commit acts of terror, which included causing mass panic and arson.

The man had devised a plan and made preparations, but was interrupted by law enforcement authorities before he carried out the attacks.

In April this year, representatives of the State Security Service informed LETA that the person in question was detained this year and has been placed in custody as a measure of security.

On Thursday, the State Security Service informed that computers, phones, pneumatic weapons and ammunition, as well as hunting daggers were seized during searches conducted as part of the investigation.

The information in the man’s computer suggested of “quite detailed plans and preparations for violent attacks”.

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