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Former official of Riga Tourism Development Bureau Tolstojs also detained

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The Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) today detained Maksims Tolstojs (Harmony), a former board member of the municipal foundation Riga Tourism Development Bureau (RTAB), according to information obtained by LETA.

Since May 14, Tolstojs had been in Russia on a business trip and had submitted a sick note to KNAB.

As reported, KNAB is conducting a number of investigations in relation to the Riga local government, as well as municipal enterprises and foundations.

On May 13, KNAB carried out urgent investigative actions, which included more than ten searches at various locations, as well as seizure of evidence. The searches were conducted not only in Latvia but also in Germany, Sweden and Spain, seizing a significant amount of evidence, data carriers, as well as excise goods without excise stamps. Several dozen people have been questioned as part of the criminal investigation.

Two persons, officially featuring as suspects in the case, were briefly detained as part of the probe. As a measure of security, they have been banned from holding particular positions, leaving the country and approaching certain persons. These persons in question are RTAB board chairperson Vita Jermolovica and Inguna Priedite, head of the RTAB office.

According to KNAB estimates, Illegal activities of RTAB officials have resulted in losses of at least EUR 300,000.

Later it was reported that Jermolovica and Tolstojs have resigned from the RTAB board.

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