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Restrictions set by Riga City Council on gambling halls in historical center are in line with Constitution – court

BC, Riga, 17.05.2019.Print version
The Riga City Council’s decision not to allow opening a gambling hall in Riga meets the Latvian Constitutions, the Constitutional Court ruled, reported LETA/BNS.

Alfor had turned to the Administrative District Court, appealing the decision on the Riga City Council that annulled the earlier permission to open a gambling hall in Riga’s historical center.

Alfor believes that the decision of the Riga City Council breaches the Latvian Constitution and does not allow the company to organize its business.

The Constitutional Court said that the local government has the right to decide on territory planning, including setting certain restrictions in its territory. In this respect, the case refers to the Riga historical center and the legislation concerning protection of Riga historical center should be taken into account.

The Constitutional Court’s decision is final.

As reported, in the fall of 2017, the Riga City Council made a decision to liquidate 42 gambling halls in the historical center of Riga. Since 2011 the Riga municipality has not issued any licenses for new gambling halls. Also, in March this year, the Riga City Council decided that all gambling halls would be closed in Riga, except those located in four- and five-star hotels. Among others, the decision will refer to 16 gambling halls operated by Alfor.

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