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Corruption Prevention Bureau detains businessman, Rigas Satiksme official Brandavs

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The Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) has detained Aleksandrs Brandavs, a member of Honor to Serve Riga party, a board member of Rigas Karte company and an official of Rigas Satiksme municipal transport company, in suspicion of a bribery, informed LETA.

KNAB on Tuesday launched a criminal procedure on alleged bribery and mediation in bribery committed by an official of Rigas Karte company maintaining the e-ticket system, parking meters and terminals at school canteens where pupils use their e-tickets to receive free lunches, LETA learned from the bureau.

The materials of the criminal case contains information about handing the bribe to an intermediary who should further hand the bribe to officials.

One person has been detained under the criminal case. According to the information at the disposal of LETA, this person is Brandavs.

The criminal investigation is at the initial stage. To protect interests of the investigation, at this stage the more detailed information is not provided.

Brandavs is a board member at Rigas Karte and the head of electronic payments and project department at Rigas Satiksme, as well as the true beneficiary at Rigas Mikroautubus Parks minibus passenger service company.

Last year Rigas Satiksme paid EUR 27.7 million for services of Rigas Karte company, and the sum is growing every year. Maintenance of e-ticket system in public transport cost EUR 15 million. Also Rigas Satiksme pays EUR 720 a year for rent of every terminal at school canteens using e-tickets for catering of pupils, even though such a device costs EUR 485. The agreement with Rigas Karte is in force until 2020.

As Brandavs is both an official at Rigas Satiksme and Rigas karte, Anrijs Matiss, former acting head of Rigas Satiksme two weeks ago revoked the permission issued to Brandavs to combine both positions. Brandavs is on a sick leave since then. Ernests Saulitis, the new acting hed of Rigas Satiksme said that he hopes Brandavs will not continue his job at Rigas Satiksme.

As reported, KNAB has already launched also other criminal procedures related with Rigas Satiksme.

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