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How to dispute the results of procurement competition in Latvia?

Andrejs Svikšs, дawyer of Law office INLAT PLUS, 12.03.2012.Print version
Question: We have participated in the procurement competition organized by a state-owned enterprise and a competing company has won the competition. We are not Latvian residents. We believe that the decision of state-owned enterprise isn’t fair, considering that our tender had been the most beneficial and it met all the technical requirements. Is there a way to dispute the said decision?

Answer: Taken decision shall be disputed within 10 days. After the said term state-owned company is entitled to enter into agreement with the winner, and this will require the annulment of the transaction which is quite difficult. The decision shall be disputed with the Procurement Monitoring Bureau. In order to do so, you will have to pay a certain amount of the price of transaction. The fee paid will be returned in case the claim is admitted substantiated or recalled.


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