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H&M comes to Estonia, major contest for jobs

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 04.12.2012.Print version
Over two hundred applications have been received in a couple of days for the five job openings fashion retail chain H&M declared for the three stores that it intends to open in Tallinn in 2013, LETA/Eesti Päevaleht writes.

H&M will open three stores in Tallinn next autumn: in Kristiine and Rocca al Mare shopping centres and former chief post office building in central Tallinn, the daily claims.


Kristjan Vanaselja, sales manager of Manpower Baltics that organises staff search for the chain, said that the five jobs, that were all managerial or midlevel jobs, have brought around 200 applications in three days and the number is likely to surge later as employees of that level usually take time to think their applications through thoroughly.


H&M spokesman Hacan Andersson said that the company doesn’t wish to comment upon the topic of the number of staff or their wok conditions before real hiring starts.


"It is true that we have started to look for managers for our stores. It is unfortunately too soon to say how many people altogether we would hire but we can speak about it more when the opening of the stores in the autumn of 2013 is closer," he said.

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