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On the International Metrology Day Feanor OÜ awarded for Research and Development

BC, Riga, 20.05.2011.Print version
On the International Metrology Day 20 May 2011 Feanor OÜ awarded in Metrology Forum (Moskow VVC) for 'Research and Development on Software for Calibration and Metrology'.

Today, on 20 May 2011 is the International Metrology Day and there was no better  way to celebrate it than by receiving an official recognition by the Federal  Agency of Technology and Metrology of the Ministry of Production of the  Russian Federation.

The award acknowledges Feanor OU for 'Research and Development on Software  for Calibration and Metrology' and was presented to Feanor CEO Luca Giorgio Bochese by the Ministry of Production of the Russian Federation, during the  International Metrology  Symposium held in Moskow VVC from 16 to 19 May.


Feanor won the prize with following motivation: For Research and Development on Metrology and Calibration Software. This is good, because software is something Estonian are normally proud of (Skype, Fortumo, GrabCAD, E-stonia, etc). So, this software is not the usual website, communication, is real and practical engineering software for analysis of measurement data. It is not connected to web development, e-marketing or e-services.


There are a number of projects we are involved in at the moment, including measurement of special gears (elliptical), improvement of calibration for large machine tools and CMM (coordinate measuring machines), NDT (non-destructive) inspection equipment for applications in chemical equipment, nuclear facilities, shipbuilding (high pressures) and aerospace (extremely low pressures). This award is the second recognition, after VTTV Omsk in 2009, we ever received in Russia, and confirms that our research and our products have a good chance to contribute to the modernization and continuous improvement of the metrological and technical infrastructure in high precision local manufacturing companies.


The forum was a success, particularly because of the high level contacts we have generated and fostered with Stankin Institute, Rostest, ROSATOM SNIIP, RUSNANO (Nanotechnology), VNIIM (Metrology Institute) and a number of Technical Universities and Metrology Institutes in different countries and regions, including Kazakhstan, Kazan, Ukraine, Tomsk, Novosibirsk.


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