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Omniva to expand parcel machine network in Baltics by 10%

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Estonian postal services company Omniva is to increase its parcel machine network in the Baltic states by 10% and add more lockers to machines that have proven popular in Estonia, writes LETA/BNS.

Head of Omniva's parcel machine network Indrek Kaus said that the expansion in the parcel machine network in Estonia will focus on improving efficiency and target challenges in parcel traffic.

"We're expanding our existing popular machines in order to service large year-end volumes even better," Kaus said.

"Our open-air parcel machines firstly allow people to receive their parcels more safely and conveniently. And secondly, as we can see, parcel machines have proven drivers of e-commerce also in small local communities," he noted, adding that seeing as the growth of online commerce does not appear to be slowing down, Omniva will definitely continue to expand its parcel machine network in the future. 

The largest number of new machines will be installed in Lithuania as the Baltic states' largest market. Omniva currently has over 250 parcel machines in Estonia, and over 500 parcel dispatch points inclusive of post offices. Omniva's parcel machines in all three Baltic states altogether number close to 800.

The volume of parcels sent to Omniva's parcel lockers has nearly doubled on year due to the combination of placing an order online and delivery through a parcel machine having become the safest way of shopping.

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