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Cleveron eyeing Latvia, Lithuania with project put on hold in Estonia

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Estonian software and technology company Cleveron, which offered to develop a nationwide network of parcel lockers combined with bus shelters in Estonia, has partnered with the company Pristis to find an opportunity to develop such networks in Latvia and Lithuania instead, according to the regional newspaper Sakala information reporte LETA/BNS.

Pristis CEO Indrek Tennokese said that the potential investment would be big and implementation of the project would take time. Also, at present there are more questions than answers.

Tennokese said it was clear that the number of bus stops is bigger in Latvia and Lithuania than in Estonia and one yet has to learn whether municipalities or the state would come onboard the project in these countries. Pristis has not made any specific offers yet. 

The manager of Cleveron, Arno Kutt, explained that Pristis is a reseller for Cleveron that will start working with a view to setting up a parcel locker network in Latvia and Lithuania. 

Sakala reported in April that for an investment of 20 mln euros by the Estonian state, Cleveron, a company based in the South Estonian county town Viljandi, would set up parcel stations at the bus stops of 4,500 villages and small towns across Estonia. The reply from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications at the time was that the offer is being considered. 

Cleveron manager Arno Kutt told Sakala that the ministry has yet to come up with a reply.

"We are patient. It can be understood that the minister changed and the issue is not exactly a burning one, but we would like to know all the same," Kutt said.

Sakala has previously reported that the solution put forward by Cleveron is aimed at freeing residents of villages and small towns of the need to travel considerable distances to collect the parcels sent to them, as parcel lockers at present are situated mostly in towns and cities.

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