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Prime.Bike, Bolt to launch electric scooter rental service in central Tallinn

BC, Tallinn, 25.05.2020.Print version
Prime.Bike OU started providing the electric scooter rental service in central Tallinn on Monday and the same will be done by Bolt Operations OU within the next few days, municipal authorities said on Monday.

"The government of the city district of Central Tallinn has by now concluded agreements with three companies from whom electric scooters can be rented on land belonging to the city this season. Last week, provision of the service was begun in collaboration with the city district by Comodule OU, which is operating under the Tuul brand," acting elder of the city district Anu Aus said.

On Monday, Prime.Bike OU rolled out its scooters under the Bird brand in Tallinn. 

In accordance with the agreements entered into, the city district government enables the operation of the operators at the sites that were used for the same purpose already last season. Comodule wishes to use 21 slots, Prime.Bike 18 slots, and Bolt will be using 14 slots, measuring 1.3 square meters each. 

The electric scooters will be available for rent from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., after which they will be removed from public space for the night for recharging.

The operators are obliged to disinfect the surfaces of the scooters touched by users before putting the scooters on the streets in the morning and inform users that only people at least 16 years old can use the scooters. The maximum permitted speed of electric scooters is 20 kmh in general, up to 25 kmh on Reidi Road and up to 15 kmh in the heritage conservation area of the Old City of Tallinn.

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