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Attention!!! Hacked site the Baltic course

BC, Riga, 19.06.2019.Print version
On June 19, at approximately 17.10, unknown hackers place disinformation on the Baltic course magazine’s English page: "Acute water shortage exercise."

The editors of the magazine have nothing to do with the creation of this disgusting fake. For our part, we also inform you that this case is a repeated attempt to use the pages of the magazine to spread fake news about horrific incidents at military exercises in Lithuania.

As now, the fake news distributors expected a high degree of trust in the information of the publication from our readers who are interested in events in the Baltic countries.

The first attempt to use the magazine in a hybrid war last year was also promptly eliminated.

Currently, computer scientists are investigating and doing everything possible to eliminate the shortcomings in the journal protection system. We apologize to our readers not for our own actions.

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