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Valio cheeses given halal certificate

BC, Tallinn, 10.04.2019.Print version
After successfully passing an audit, the Voru cheese plant of the Estonian arm of the Finnish dairy company Valio in South Estonia and the cheeses produced there were given a halal certificate with which the production of Valio cheeses and the raw material used for it were deemed compatible with the standards in effect in Islamic countries, informed Manager of the Estonian operation of the Finnish dairy group Valio Maido Solovjov.

Maido Solovjov said that the good-quality cheese produced in Voru has piqued great interest in representatives of Islamic countries at various foreign fairs, but until now, the lack of a certificate has prevented real transactions from happening.

"A halal certificate does not only open doors to the markets of Arabic countries and other Islamic countries, but it is also required by Muslim communities, which have a great consumption potential, living in other large countries in the world," Solovjov said in a press release.

He added that Valio has launched export to South Africa and Canada, for example, where, thanks to a halal certificate, it is possible to significantly expand the sales network namely in those channels that foremost service Muslims.

The certificate was given to Valio's Forte, Gran Regale, Atleet Cheddar, Lacey Swiss, Regato and Cagliata cheeses and the company's whey concentrate.

During the certification process carried out by the Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority operating in the Hague, experts inspected all cheese production related documentation regarding all inputs and production processes and an on-site audit was carried out. The certificate is valid for one year, after which a new inspection will have to be carried out to maintain the right of using a halal label.

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