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Estonia: Cleveron developing self-driving delivery robot that will drive on roads

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The Estonian manufacturer of parcel robots Cleveron is developing a self-driving delivery robot platform that will be driving on roads instead of sidewalks, reported LETA/BNS.

Also, the new robotic courier will be carrying the parcels of not one, but tens of customers at a time, which will make logistics more sensible, Cleveron manager Arno Kutt said at a road technology conference on Friday. 

"In accordance with plans, the courier robot will deliver the item to a private parcel machine of the client's home so that the client will no longer have to wait at home until the courier arrives," Kutt said according to spokespeople.

Kutt said that Cleveron's plan is to start delivering parcels by road already in the coming few years.

"We are also testing various technologies for steering the self-driving courier robot. For instance, we are testing radio beacons installed in the roads which show the location of the machine and where exactly it is on the road very precisely," he said.

According to the manager of Cleveron, Estonia is a very good place for piloting new technology.

"It's easier and cheaper to cover a small country with new technology, as well as to make changes to one's plans," he said.

"If we really want to be an innovation-oriented country, the state and businesses alike should take real and much more serious steps when it comes to the testing and use of new technologies," Kutt said.

Cleveron is a technology company based on Estonian capital, which develops parcel delivery technology meant for retail and logistics companies.

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