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Number of births in Estonia climbs 5.5% in 2018

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Population registration offices across Estonia registered a total of 14,270 births during 2018, 750 births or 5.5% more than in 2017, spokespeople for the Interior Ministry told LETA/BNS.

Boys numbered 7,289 and girls 6,981 among the children born during the year, on Monday.

There were 231 pairs of twins, including 84 pairs of boys, 68 pairs of girls and 79 mixed pairs, as well as two sets of triplets.

In 2017, a total of 13,520 births were registered.

In a breakdown by county, births numbered 1,030 in East Viru County, 1,859 in Harju County, 70 in Hiiu County, 275 in Jarva County, 234 in Jogeva County, 188 in Laane County, 881 in Parnu County, 219 in Polva County, 321 in Rapla County, 307 in Saare County, 5,167 in Tallinn, 2,053 in Tartu County, 252 in Valga County, 459 in Viljandi County, 327 in Voru County and 628 in West Viru County.

The most popular boys' names last year were Robin, Oliver, Mattias, Rasmus, Kristofer, Sebastian, Karl, Robert, Henri and Nikita, and the most popular girls' names Sofia, Mia, Lenna, Maria, Emily, Emma, Saskia, Eliise, Emilia and Nora. 

The number of deaths registered during the year was 15,674.

Marriages numbered 5,949, including 552 marriages registered by members of the clergy. A total of 2,545 marriages were divorced. A new name was given to 1,469 people, including a new first name to 308 people, a new surname to 1,048 people and a new first name and a new surname to 113 people.

In 2017, 13,520 births and 6,051 marriages were registered in Estonia, including 558 marriages by members of the clergy. Besides,  2,642 marriages were divorced, 15,478 deaths registered and a name change registered for 1,437 people.


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