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Freight transportation in Latvia up 8.6% in nine months

BC, Riga, 04.12.2018.Print version
Compared to January–September 2017, over the nine months of 2018 the volume of freights carried by land and via pipelines increased by 7.6 mln tons or 8.6 % and freight turnover rose by 5.4 %, informed LETA/BNS.

During the January–September 2018, freight transported to and from Latvian ports accounted for 48.7 mln tons – a rise of 2.1%, compared to the nine months of 2017. Freight turnover at the port of Riga constituted 26.7 mln tons (4.8% more than in the nine months of 2017), the indicator at the port of Ventspils comprised 15.1 mln tons (drop of 7%), at the port of Liepaja 5.5 mln tons (rise of 16.2%), and at minor ports 1.4 mln tons (increase of 12.8%).

Compared to the nine months of 2017, the volume of freights shipped from the Latvian ports dropped by 0.2% and constituted 42 mln tons of freight. The volume of coal loaded onto ships went up by 0.6 mln tons or 4.1%, volume of timber by 41.8%, while volume of freight in containers and roll on/ roll off by 11.7% and 14.8%, respectively. Shipping of oil products fell by 2.2 mln tons or 19.3%.

The volume of freights received at ports rose by 19.8%. The volume of unloaded freights in containers did not change (slight drop of 0.2 %), volume of roll on/ roll off grew by 9.5% and volume of unloaded oil products by 13.3%.

Riga International Airport received and shipped 18,900 tons of cargo, which is 14.8% more than in January–September 2017.


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